Reasons For The Success Of iPhone 4S

Whenever you start talking about iphone 4 deals and deciding you have to discover all there is to it; keep in mind it will not be an overnight task. However, not everybody has the time or inclination to do that, and we know that so many of us are incredibly busy – but still, sometimes you just have to do what is smart. All that is generally recognized by most, but just be careful you do not become lazy about doing additional research to see what else could be important. You always want the best possible outcomes with something like this, and so you generally know what needs to be done. With this topic, we truly mean it when we say that you can go beyond what any one article will have to say about it.

iPhone became a device that changed the mobile industry and how phones were made. But recently this mobile phone has to confront tough competition from Android based phones. Because of this the release of iPhone 4S was a very important event for Apple. They had to bring out a phone that would convince people to buy the Apple device despite the slightly higher price tag that comes with it. The first day alone saw the sales figure cross the 1 million mark which is great news and means that the phone has carried out really well. Mentioned below are some of the important factors that contributed in the success of iPhone 4S.

Changes in hardware and software

Apple puts in a lot of effort in designing the look of the product. iPhone 4S does not see a lot of changes to the exterior when compared with the iPhone 4. But, even though the exterior was the same, the internal components were completely revamped. iPhone 4S came with the new iOS, iOS 5, and this OS was also made available for iPod, iPad, and iPhone 4 and 3GS.

Apart from a new processor and operating system there were various other changes made as well which contributed to its success. One feature that has really helped in improving Apple’s position is Siri. You can use Siri to ask any question and then the application will Provide you solution with ratings as well. This is not the only thing Siri is capable of. Some of the uses of Siri are to reply to messages and setting up alarms and reminders. With iPhone 4S Apple has also tried to solve several problems cited by the users. The quality of the camera in the iPhone was such an issue and it has been solved. The new camera in the 4S has a 8MP sensor up from 5MP in iPhone 4S and has better optics.

Solving the Antennagate

Apple also came up with a brand new design for the antennas which addressed some antenna problems faced by iPhone 4. This design consists of two pieces of antenna. These two antennas will be switched in between the call to send and receive. Processor that powers the iPhone has also changed. The processor used for the 4S is the same one which is used to power the iPad2. It has been stated by Apple that compared to the older A4 chip, A5 is twice as fast, and will increase the graphics performance by as much as 7 times.

There has been an improvement in battery life as well. iPhone 4S claims to run a full 8 hours on 3G and if this is true than this is an improvement of about 1 hour from the old iPhone. It has been reported that this is because the A5 chip saves more power. The release of iOS 5 also marks the launch of Apple’s new service called the iCloud. This particular service will help the users in syncing all of heir MacOS and iOS devices. The service can be used for free for up to 5 GB of data.

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