iPhone 4S’s Artificial Personality

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“What is 1116 times 67890?” “Which are the new restaurants nearby falling within my budget of $50?” “What is the meaning of life?” Are these questions you wish someone would give answers to within no time. Apple’s new app does just that. iPhone 4S’s Siri is a product that has artificial intelligence to help you answer those innumerable questions. Siri has been given a personality to not only provide you with solutions but also to humor you at times. *SB*.

How Developments Started for Siri

Siri was planned to be released in Blackberry devices and Android based devices before Apple Inc bought it in the month of April in 2010. CALO project to create Siri was funded by the leading research agency DARPA. It is said that the research and development period for SIRI was 40 years. There are many universities from which researchers were involved in the making of Siri. The primary ones being University of Southern California, University of Rochester, Carnegie Mellon University among others.

Technical Information about Siri

Voice recognition is the technology on which Siri is based. The app is still in its nascent stage, so it’s still in the beta form. It would be developed soon into a full software application. English, German and French are the languages the app recognizes. It can also be ported onto other Apple devices like iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. It can work if there is a connection to the internet either from 3G or Wi-Fi settings. Holding the “Home” button for a while activates the app.

Siri can Trigger Future Technological Developments

Like mentioned before, Siri is still in its Beta stage. And already so much has been said and written about this app. The day Apple announces the final app, the fame of this app is sure to grow. New changes are being brought in the technology world owing to release Siri. With the advent of social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, people find it easier to socialize with everyone without having to meet face to face. This app is going to change that too as you will find not only an assistant but also a friend. Your new best bud will help you not only to find stuff but also in making you laugh with its smart replies. This app can lead to a lot of other technological developments that can in the future give us a product that will be life like in nature. Several people would argue that the technology mentioned is already in robots. We do have robots today that act only as programmed. But what if we can actually make a real life like robot which not only looks like a real human but also reacts like one. Seems like a very far away dream, but with Siri, everything can happen.

Now it is a reality that seems too good to be true. More and more research is being conducted to turn all those “abstract imaginations” into a reality. There’s surely more to come.

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